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POSTED: March 7, 2015

Find a Mentor

Over the years, I have learned the importance of having mentors.  I try to encourage everyone, no matter what stage of their life or career to Find a mentor.

A mentor can be someone who is successful in your line of work or in an area in which you want to improve.  A mentor can act as a sounding board and provide counsel for your ideas.  We all need someone in our life who will challenge us, keep us accountable and speak the truth.  A good mentor will do that.

Many times, we feel like we have to ‘reinvent the wheel’, but a good mentor can show you their model for success and help you avoid possible pitfalls.  Personal experience is not always the best teacher, but someone else’s experience can save you time, money and heartache.  A good mentor can provide that.

I have many mentors for different areas of my life.  My main musical mentor is drumming legend Billy Hart.  I used to drive Billy all over the place and carry his drums for him, buy him lunch, have him over for dinner and anything else I could do to spend time with him and learn.  Every minute was a lesson with him, and there were so many times I wished I had been recording our conversations in the car or during dinner.  I consider him to be one of my best friends now and call him for advice often.  I always try to honor him and let him know how much he has impacted my life.  I honestly do not know where I would be without his guidance and inspiration.

A mentor can be an extremely valuable asset in your life… so, I am challenging you to find one person in your life who has done or is doing what you want to do.  Take them to lunch or coffee and ask them to mentor you.  Meet with them on a regular basis and be open to their feedback, allowing them to challenge you and speak truth to you.  Accountability is a powerful thing and a good mentor can see your blind spots and help keep you on track.  Always show appreciation for your mentors and value their time and wisdom. Say ‘Thank you” often.


I guarantee, finding a good mentor can produce an exchange that will be a blessing to both of you!

So, go ahead, make that call!

POSTED: January 29, 2015

Latest News from TRI-FI

TRI-FI toured throughout the Midwest in the fall and appeared at numerous clubs, schools and radio programs.  Chicago, South Bend, Kalamazoo, Ann Arbor, Byron Center, Detroit, and Cleveland all heard TRI-FI live and we made lots of new friends. Watch and hear some of the radio interviews and performances here.

POSTED: October 3, 2014

The 5th Annual Keith Hall Drum Choir Xperience

The cold weather and snow could not stop these dedicated drummers!  We had a blast at Portage Central High School.  Thanks to all of the talented students, the coaches, Pat & Rennee Flynn at PCHS, Remo Drumheads and Franco’s Pizzeria.

image image image image

The KHDCX is a unique one-day experience, with a focus on playing in a drum set ensemble.

POSTED: July 10, 2014

8th Annual Keith Hall Summer Drum Intensive

The 8th Annual Keith Hall Summer Drum Intensive was a huge success.  45 drummers over the course of two weeks rehearsed at Western Michigan University and performed downtown at the Union Cabaret & Grille.

Week 1                                                             Week 2

Wk 1 sdi14

wk 2 sdi14








POSTED: November 5, 2013

Keith Hall Drum Choir Xperience at WMU expands to Byron Center and Elkhart, IN

The 4th Annual Keith Hall Drum Choir Xperience was a success at Western Michigan University on November  4th, 2013.  10 drummers participated in a full day of musical fun in a drum choir setting.

Image 1 Image

The KHDCX also traveled to Byron Center High School in Grand Rapids and Concord High School in Elkhart, Indiana.


POSTED: February 27, 2013

Summer Drum Intensive in Downbeat Magazine

Registration is open for the 2013 Keith Hall Summer Drum Intensive and a picture of us was included in Downbeat Magazine’s 2013 International Jazz Camp Guide.  Look at all those drummers!!

db coverphoto

POSTED: February 6, 2013

Keith presents at Michigan Music Conference

Keith recently presented at the Michigan Music Conference and shared his “Imitate, Orchestrate, Create” concept.  This material will be included in his upcoming book “Jazz Drums Now!  Vol. 2.  Everyone in the audience was playing on their lap and air drumming.  It’s still true…Everyone wants to be a drummer!


POSTED: February 6, 2013

Kalamazoo School Programs

Keith and a group of students from WMU presented ‘Jazz Is Our Music’ to Woods Edge and Valley Center Schools sponsored by Education for the Arts.



POSTED: January 31, 2013


Keith had the privilege of sharing the stage with some amazing speakers at Catalyst2013 where he spoke on ‘Improvising Creativity’.  800 people at a sold-out event with speakers like Corey Booker, John Acuff, Nancy Duarte and others.

Download the CONFIDENCE confession here


POSTED: October 21, 2012

Successful Tours in Europe

I just finished a couple successful tours in Europe with Curtis Stigers.  We traveled to Switzerland, The Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg, Paris, and Denmark.  We have been touring to support his new CD, “Let’s Go Out Tonight.”  We met some wonderful people, ate and drank some tasty treats and had lots of fun making music!