With each new year, brings an opportunity for new beginnings. I always like to set a lot of goals at the beginning of the year, but as the months pass on, I find that many of these are forgotten. So, as the years have passed, I have learned more about myself and what I can do realistically to create positive lasting change in my life.

One thing I have learned is to simplify. I know that if I can just make a few small, yet lasting changes, I can continue to make today better than yesterday.

Although I need to set goals that relate to improving as a musician, some of my goals are ‘non-musical’.

Four areas I like to focus on are:
1.) Musicianship
2.) Health
3.) Confidence
4.) Leadership

Musicianship: I have committed to consistent practice time to improve specific areas of my playing. I am focusing on 3 areas including my time/feel, improvisation concepts and learning new music. I also keep a practice log to help keep myself on track.

Health: I have committed to changing my diet, in simple ways and joined a gym again in November. I also got a Fitbit for Christmas that tracks my calories consumed/burned and all physical activity daily. It’s a great way to hold myself accountable.

Confidence: Staying positive and confident about myself carries over into every are of life. I try to surround myself with people who are supportive and who inspire me. I also have committed to a daily Bible reading plan that helps me to stay focused on my purpose. It also helps me to focus on the fact that I don’t have to do everything in my own strength-I have Help!

Leadership: I read books, articles and blogs on leadership. I also meet regularly with mentors who challenge me and are great examples to me. I always try to remember that this gift of music is meant to be shared and I have a responsibility to be a positive example to those around me. I am also a family man, so being a leader in my home and spending quality time with my family is a priority for me.

If I can stay consistent in all of these areas, I believe 2015 will be my best year yet!

I would love to hear about what YOU are doing to make positive lasting changes in your own life for 2015. Drop me a line at keith@keithhallmusic.com and let’s keep the conversation going.

Happy New Year!